About Us

Fort Lauderdale Advertising Agency

Joel Keith Brewer

Managing Partner

With a unique knack for customer service, Joel is a great Managing Partner. With a PhD in philosophy, Joel can adapt to any environment, no matter what. With over 30 years experience in advertising & marketing, high-end clientele and celebrities, Joel has seen it all and knows exactly how to handle every situation. Joel is the key player that brings everyone together on advertising and marketing projects, clients, staff and contractors, to make sure every client’s expectations are met. Joel is the perfect host at any special event Ocean Breeze produces for a client

Shaun Paul Thomas

Director of Marketing Operations

Shaun started his marketing career helping to build the number-one ranked university marketing firm in the country at the University of Akron. After graduating, he moved to Fort Lauderdale and started his professional career in the private sector, working for an advertising and marketing firm in West Broward. Wanting a bigger challenge, Shaun ventured out on his own and started an events firm, handling all the advertising and marketing himself. After building a very successful business, Shaun sold the company and decided to try his luck in corporate America.

After being hired by Fort Lauderdale based Republic Industries he worked under President Steve Berrard, former Vice President of Marketing for Sears and his team. Shaun worked with the Republic Industries team to help take the company public and transform it into AutoNation, ANC Rental and Republic Services, making him one of the youngest managers in the Fortune 100 at age 28. Subsequent Fortune 100 clients include Motorola, AT&T and American Express

Deciding to focus his advertising and marketing skills on the local market, Shaun has worked with a variety of businesses including restaurants, retailers, medical and dental professionals, florists and caterers, luxury condos, real estate brokers, developers and other high-end businesses. Working with his clients on graphic design and web design projects that made them money. Shaun knows from experience, exactly what your business needs and where to best place your advertising and marketing dollars

Kate Wruszak

Creative Director

Creativity and precision describe Kate’s work. Earning her degree in graphic design here in Fort Lauderdale, Kate utilizies her background in creating presentations for civil engineers and beautiful magazine work, she balances beauty and perfection. She is truely one of the best in the business when it comes to Fort Lauderdale graphic design. With an uncanny ability to juggle her creative instincts right along side of the client’s ambitions is a tough balance but Kate handles everything with style. Always striving to be one step ahead of the current advertising and marketing trends with unique graphic design and creative thought is just what she brings to the table, along with a rare eye for editing within the creative process. A rare gift, indeed

Matt Hoffman

Internet Creative Director

As the lead web developer, Matt knows just how to build the perfect web design for every client. His eye for creating or picking the perfect template for each client is amazing. Every site is built for beauty, as well as, the ability to build a very strong search engine following. This is a unique talent for sure, and one our client’s truly appreciate long after the initial impression of their new site. For the best in Fort Lauderdale web design, Matt is the go to guy

Bob Grossman

Television Production Director

One of the top video producers in South Florida, Bob started his career with QVC in New York and has handled the Marlins Pre-Game Shows here in South Florida. Bob has produced countless television commercials for a wide variety of businesses including Shooters Waterfront Café and Flavor Magazine. Bob has a talent for meeting clients and having the vision of exactly how to present them in a way that is both artistic and revenue generating

Carol Combs

Office Manager

Carol is a woman of many talents. After retiring from 30 years as an English teacher and spending several years directing drama clubs, she has brought her amazing editing and organizational skills to our team. She can edit or rewrite any client’s article, web design, graphic design or production text with precision. Carol handles all the sign in and greeting for any client special events